Remove all loose gravel ( if required ), power wash and otherwise prepare the substrate to a clean, dry and sound condition ready to accept a coating system. Watch for roofs with consistent leaking; if present, go with roofing system #1 otherwise #2.

System #1: Apply a monolithic LIQUID RUBBER MEMBRANE @ 20 SQ.FT./GALLON. Let dry and apply SUPERBASE (HS) ® over the membrane at 100 sq.ft/gallon. Let dry, then apply SUPERTHERM ® at 100 sq.ft./gallon for the insulation; and last apply SP LIQUID MEMBRANE ® @ 250 sq.ft/gallon as a top coat for reduced maintenance.

Total mil thickness will be: LIQUID RUBBER MEMBRANE = 60 mils, SUPERBASE (HS) ® = 7 mils, SUPERTHERM ® = 7 mils, SP LIQUID MEMBRANE ® = 3 mils for a total thickness of approximately 77 mils.

System #2: ( solid roof with absolutely NO leaks )- Apply SUPERTHERM ® @ 100 sq.ft/gallon. Apply SP LIQUID MEMBRANE ® @ 250 sq.ft./gallon. Total mils thickness: 9 – 10 mils.

Note: Which ever roofing system is ultimately chosen, be it EPDM, torch on, rolled roofing, tar and gravel, built up roofing, asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, clay tiles, etc., it would be highly recommended that your new roofing system be protected with System #2. This is excellent protection for your new Asset.

FINAL NOTE: How well does it work? SUPERBASE (HS) ® , SUPERTHERM ® and SP LIQUID MEMBRANE ® are all UV Controlled thus providing triple UV protection against the # 1 enemy of ALL roofing systems. Each coating once cured provides a thin film of additional waterproofing and weathering protection. This is excellent Asset protection.

Walls ( interior / exterior ): Apply SUPERTHERM ® and or SUNSHIELD ® @ 100 sq.ft./gallon. Tinting: Can tint to any earth tone colors. Not medium to dark tones. Never tint to grey. The black tint will cover the ceramic particles first and block their effectiveness. Best approach is to apply SUPERTHERM ® in 2 coats crosshatched, let dry, then paint a colored paint or SP LIQUID MEMBRANE ® ( water based aliphatic polyurethane ) over the SUPERTHERM ® as your finishing coat.

Acid/Salt-resistance: will withstand mild acids and salt spray ( DNV Certification – marine specifications ).

High humidity \ condensation: After SUPERTHERM ® dries completely, no effect on coating.

UV/Weathering: Very UV-stable, will withstand basic weathering for 20-25 years minimum.

SUPERTHERM ® contains two reflective ceramics to reflect sunlight and other radiant heat sources ( 92.2 Reflective ratio – JSA 5759), one new ceramic that blocks Infrared radiation ( 99.5 radiation ratio – JSA 5759 ) while the fourth ceramic compound works to stop heat conduction ( 99% BTU conduction ASTM E1461-92 & ASTM E1269 ) and \ or cold conduction through the coating film.

The combination of acrylics provide elasticity and adhesion, the urethane adds toughness, while also providing a breathable moisture barrier. The next addition is flame retardant capabilities with a Class ” A ” Flame Spread Rating of ” 0 ” ( note : only SUPERTHERM ® has been tested by NASA to NHB 8060.1 B/C and a certified Fire Test Laboratory to ASTM E84 – 89 and not the entire system ). The last resin additive makes the complete resin blend combine into a single component and extends the life of the coating.

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