Super Base® (HS)

Data Sheet
Super Base® (HS)

Acrylic Caulking / Membrane

SUPERBASE (HS) ® is designed from the best-known high performance elastomeric specially formulated acrylic in the market, known for adhesion, ability to pond water, weatherability, UV resistance, flexibility and toughness. SUPERBASE (HS) ® was blended to work cohesively with our MULTI MESH MEMBRANE and SUPERTHERM ® \ SUNSHIELD ® , together or separately, to form a complete seal on any roofing or wall structure. SUPERBASE (HS) ® is also applied as a base coat over MASTIC SEALING TAPE on joints, seams, around A\C units, vents or any areas where leaks would most likely occur. Longevity of service was the concern and the determination for quality was built into this base \ primer coating. It is a water based high-performance acrylic that is easily applied without environmental concerns and compliments the quality of the SUPERTHERM ® \ SUNSHIELD ® base \ top coat.

SUPERBASE (HS) ® was designed to be applied to roofing structures to seal cracks. Seal over tar with SUPERBASE (HS) ® before applying SUPERTHERM ®, apply SUPERBASE (HS) ® over asphalt shingles or concrete or wood to seal before applying SUPERTHERM ® \ SUNSHIELD ® . It gives the correct base \ primer coat to seal over dry substrates to be absorbed into the surface allowing SUPERTHERM ® \ SUNSHIELD ® to set up properly. This affords the full effect of its ceramic mixture.

SUPERBASE (HS) ® is designed to apply to all roofing whether flat or inclined, in new construction or to retrofit wood, concrete, tar, sheeting, polyfoam, or sheetrock. This gives outstanding adhesion, scaling protection, flexibility and acts as a base \ primer coat for encapsulating the surface prior to applying SUPERTHERM ® \ SUNSHIELD ® .

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To cover over seams that are no more than 1/32" opened to seal from water penetration and secure the seam. If seams are standing open more than 1/32", then using the fabric membrane is recommended in combination with the SUPERBASE (HS) ® to secure the seams.

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