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American Architectural Review

Supertherm Technical

SuperTherm on Asphalt Shingles

Florida ECAP Report

Denver ECAP Report

Bob Vila Demonstration

Emmissivity Explained & Demonstrated

SuperTherm Demo Video

SuperTherm vs. Fiberglass

Heat Lamp on Steel Plate

Blow Torch on Shingle

SuperTherm Commercial

Epoxotherm Videos

Corroding and Condensating Pipes in Kazakhstan

HPC Coating Videos

Gazprom Refinery in Omsk

HPC Coating with Hopper Gun (Coated with SuperTherm & RustGrip)

HPC Temperature Comparison (Vancouver Shipyards)

Mixing HPC HT

HPC HT Adhesion

Fire Control

Omega Fire & SuperTherm Test by Hermann Hofmeister, Germany

Corrosion Control

Corrosion Mitigation Products

RustGrip Bridge Application

RustGrip Patch

RustGrip - SuperTherm on Fuel Lines