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Multi ~ Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating - Engineered to Repel Heat.

SUNSHIELD ® is an emulsion combining high performance acrylic resins in water. This special acrylic combination presents a high performance sealing acrylic that when applied to porous substrates such as concrete or masonry surfaces, will fill and seal itself securely with the substrate. The other acrylic in the combination helps to toughen the sealing film to stop moisture penetration on walls and \ or roofing.

SUNSHIELD ® tenaciously adheres to metal, wood, fiberglass and all other substrates, as well. It contains no co-solvents and will dry by evaporation. SUNSHIELD ® will dry out completely in one week to a durable, very flexible, non-yellowing, water resistant coating that is ultraviolet stable.

SUNSHIELD® was designed to meet the needs of an interior ceiling or wall coating that requires flexibility, yet has a need for some toughness. Able to withstand the structural stresses as well as thermal stresses experienced by temperature \ climate or seasonal swings. The heat repelling ability provided by SUNSHIELD ® was designed from the same ceramic package as SUPERTHERM ® for insulation effectiveness equal to 4-6 inches of batt insulation materials. The Ceramics that SUNSHIELD ® contains also have sound dampening qualities.

SUNSHIELD ® is considerably different from other reflective coatings on the market by its makeup and design. Using two specific acrylic resins gives tremendous adhesion in all climates while allowing wide swings in temperature variations and accepting humid climates without adhesion loss, cracking \ peeling, and provides mold and mildew protection. SUNSHIELD ® will feel and demonstrate a significantly tougher surface than the designated “elastomeric reflective” coatings in the market.


• 19 wet mil coat; 10 dry mil coat (wet mil gauge recommended)
• Spread: 85 sq.ft. per gallon = 10 dry mils
• 150% Elongation / Flexibility: 180° bend test 
• Hail-resistance to cracking
• Weathering: Ability to last a minimum of 10 years
• Fungal/Mildew-resistance
• Noticeable sound-deadening qualities
• Is extremely Health and Environmentally safe
• Condensation Control - Dewpoint Chart or Dew Point Calculator
• SUNSHIELD ® over studs, ceilings and roofing to control condensation

Ceramic Technology

Superior Products International has been experimenting with and developing the uses of "insulation and fire protection" ceramics for over 15 years. This category of ceramic functionality is new to the engineering fields. Only in recent years has the idea of insulation been associated with this new breed of ceramics.

Superior Products International knew that this area had not been thoroughly explored before, nor had any extensive documentation been presented for this application. In contrast, many articles and studies have been devoted to the abrasion resistant ceramic compounds and how they can be used in manufacturing and industrial markets.

Insulative ceramics are completely different and separate from those used for abrasion resistance. No extensive studies have been performed to determine which ceramic compounds, either natural or manmade would be best suited for eliminating heat transfer. Some studies have acknowledged the "reflection" of heat by mere radiation of sunlight but since very limited study has been performed, it was thought that reflection was all that this new category of ceramic could provide.

Superior Products International initially worked in the early 1990's with the aid of the ceramic engineers at the Marshall Space Center Laboratories, and it was discovered that no real research had been performed across the broad spectrum of possible ceramic compounds in order to determine the scope of ceramics stopping or slowing "heat conduction" rather than merely radiant heat reflection. It was also decided that Superior Products International would continue the R&D work over the next several years to discover the possibilities of this new design of ceramics. An extensive search was organized and begun to locate all possible types of ceramics compounds in the world market for trial-and-error testing. A system was designed to take each compound through a series of heat conduction tests to find its ability to stop heat conduction. More than 1,500 compounds were received and tested. From this R&D period, eight different compounds were identified as having the ability not only to catch and throw heat away from their surfaces in a manner similar to reflection but also to control heat transfer via conduction.

Superior Products International chose three of these ceramic compounds to develop its insulation coating called SUPERTHERM ®. A fourth ceramic was added in 2000 as part of our continued research in controlling heat transfer. This is a thin film coating that will protect against heat migration equal to six inches of fiberglass batt insulation when applied over surfaces facing the heat source. SUNSHIELD ® is inferior to SUPERTHERM ® but is still superior to any of the cheap imitations on the market.

SUNSHIELD ® is less expensive because the Fire ceramic \ resistance and urethane \ toughness have been left out. SUNSHIELD ® does have the same dual acrylics and similar multi ceramic insulation package. EPOXOTHERM ® likewise has a similar multi ceramic insulation package but in an Epoxy carrier. Epoxies are required for application to wet substrates such as in the case of extreme condensation.

Seven of the ceramic compounds were also chosen to work in combination with one another in high heat situations. HPC® COATING® ( to 572°F \ 300°C ) and HSC® COATING ® (to 176°C / 350° F ) were developed to capture surface heat and stop thermal transfer via conduction. As with all of our protective coatings, each one is specifically engineered to solve a particular problem under a wide variety of application requirements and conditions.

Limited Warranty

Unless the manufacturer provides a written warranty of fitness for a particular use, the manufacturer's sole warranty is that the product, as supplied, will meet then current sales specifications and is specific only to return of product found to be defective upon opening of container within one year. Customer's exclusive remedy and Superior's sole liability for breach of warranty is limited to refund of the purchase price or replacement of any product shown to be other than as warranted and the manufacturer expressly disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages.