HSC® Coating Application

The surfaces must be clean and dry before application. Loose or flaking old paints or corrosion must be removed from surface before applying. Surface must be clean of all residues and debris. Surfaces can be cleaned by power washing the surfaces ( SSPC – SP12 \ NACE No 5 ), sandblasted as a “brush off blast or sweep blast” ( SSPC – SP 7 \ NACE No 4 ), hand tool cleaned ( SSPC – SP 2 ) or power tool cleaned ( SSPC – SP 3 ).

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Coverage Recommendations

24 sq.ft / gal. = 50 mils dry film thickness
12 sq.ft / gal. = 100 mils dry film thickness
6 sq.ft./gal. = 200 mils dry film thickness
4.8 sq.ft./gal. = 250 mils dry film thickness

Topcoating Requirements

If a durable protective finish is required because of the surrounding environment, such as physical, mechanical abuse or over pipes subject to vibration, apply as follows. After the last coat is applied but before it dries, wrap polyester or fiberglass mesh around the pipe with the edges slightly overlapping to provide complete coverage. Allow this to dry. Topcoat with SUPERTHERM ®.

For exterior applications subjected to WEATHERING apply SUPERTHERM ® at 9 m2 \ 95 f2 per gallon giving 16 mils WFT or 250 microns \ 10 mils DFT or SP LIQUID MEMBRANE ® Water based aliphatic polyurethane at 18 m2 \ 200 f2 per gallon at 8 mils WFT or 92.5 microns \ 3.22 mils DFT. Allow to dry and cure over night.

For resistance from CHEMICALS apply ENAMOGRIP ® Solvent ( White or Coloured ) or RUSTGRIP ® at 18 m2 \ 200 f2 per gallon at 8 mils WFT or 92.5 microns \ 3.7 mils DFT. Allow to dry and cure over night.

For applications with HIGH HUMIDITY or SUBMERGED UNDER WATER allow the HSC® COATING to dry then apply EPOXOTHERM ® at 9 m2 \ 100 f2 per gallon giving 16 mils WFT or 312.5 microns \ 12.46 mils DFT. The total system can be submerged under water in two days. The full cure for the EPOXOTHERM ® is 10 days but in two days it has cured enough to allow for submersion while it completes its curing cycle.

Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes. If solution does come in contact with eyes, flush immediately with water and contact a physician for medical attention. Avoid prolonged contact with skin or breathing of spray mist. For quickest removal from skin, wash with water before drying. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.