NCFR 1000-1X

Data Sheet

Surface Clear Solvent-Based Vinyl Co-Polymer

NCFR 1000-1X solvent paint is an exceptionally durable, high quality paint for interior and exterior use. It is also an extremely effective class A/Type 1 fire retardant coating. Through its intumescent action (foaming and frothing when subjected to flame) NCFR 1000-1X provides excellent fire protection. The vinyl co-polymer resin system gives excellent durability for exterior as well as interior applications. An important additional advantage is that transparent material can be applied over wood surfaces and may also be applied over rigid polyurethane foam and other plastic materials to achieve low flame spread ratings. Simple application with brush, spray or roller is all that is required.

Recommended for:

The best choice for situations where sources of fire may be present, as well as in cases where the consequences of brush or forest fires may be severe. Always make your own test.

Typical Uses

Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Government Institutions, etc.