LEADING EDGE Ceramic Insulation and Corrosion Control.  Functional Coating Systems engineered to give the ultimate in long-lasting protection with the lowest life cycle cost. Personnel protection, energy conservation and asset preservation.

Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coatings are environmentally friendly functional coatings engineered to repel initial heat loss or gain, block moisture penetration, air and sound infiltration over any surface.

HPC-HT COATING is a Ceramic Insulation Coating engineered to block heat up to 600°C / 1112°F, control CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) and provide CI (Continuous Insulation)

RUST GRIP protects against corrosion and biohazards (ie: lead-based paint, asbestos, etc). An effective surface-tolerant, 3-in-1 single coat system acting as a primer, intermediate and top coat.





While we do specialize in Commercial Industrial Functional Protective Coatings, (it ain’t paint) we are really in the business of Solving Problems. Whatever the problem, we have a solution. Allow us to provide your next project with over 20 years of expertise in minimizing energy loss and protecting your assets.