SuperTherm Projects


Ice Arena and More Slideshow

Rink Magazine Article

Excellent Ice Arena ‐ Surrey, BC

Excellent Ice Addition ‐ Surrey, BC

Excellent Ice Arena ‐ Kirkland, Quebec

North Langley Sportsplex Ice Arena

Burnaby Eight Rinks Ducting

Alberni Valley Multiplex

Lower Nicola Ice Arena

Bonaire Golf Letter

Save‐On‐Foods Ice Arena ‐ Victoria, BC

OHL Arena ‐ Sarnia, Ontario

White Rock Playhouse

Batting Facility ‐ South Surrey


Super Therm® Versus White Paint Comparison

GVRD Waste Incinerator

Barepoint Water Treatment Plant

Sony Energy Saving Award‐Roi PDF

Halliburton Oil Letter

Sloss Industries Test Documentation

Nissan Factory ‐ Two Million Sq.Ft

Nagoya Factory Machinery

Sekisui Film Factory Roof

Nihon Express Distribution Center

Temperature Reductions ‐ Fuji, Hitachi, Matsushita, Toyoda, Etc

Japanese Factory Recap PDF

Container Workshop ‐ Australia

Chicago Bridge And Iron Facility In Texas

Hazardous Waste Incinerator Report

Mainland Conveyor, Stainless Screw Conveyor

Solvay’s Filter Dryer

International Paper Poland

Peanut Roasting

Kokuyo ‐ 10 And 18 Year Follow‐Up

Toshiba 16 Year Follow‐Up

Yokohama Tire Rubber Plant

Fortis Pentiction BC Reduction of Thermal Bridging

HSC On Canola Extractor

Roanoke Cement

Tanks and Pipes

Mitsubishi Tanks and Pipes

Sunoco Chemical Oil Tanks

Pemex Evaporation Control

Turkmenbashy Oil Processing Complex

Kazakhstan Oil Tanks

Thermal Study Natural Gas Spheroid Tanks

Aramco Tank Farm

Liquid Gas Tanks in Germany

Hyundai Oil Bank Korea

Supertherm Over Rustgrip on Jet Fuel Pipes

Oil Rig

Biogas Plant


SuperTherm® Versus White Paint Comparison

Condensation In A Greenhouse

Gipaanda Greenhouse

Gipaanda 2 Year Follow‐Up

Kwantlen Insulated Tank

Delta Aquatic Nurseries

Sunnyside Greenhouses

Arkell Swine Research Facility

Barns And Poultry Houses

Concrete Roof ‐ Jeil Sugar Company

Poultry House ‐ Yang‐San City

Poultry House ‐ Providence, Florida


SuperTherm® Versus White Paint Comparison

Refrigerated Trailer

Supertherm Refrigerated Trailer

Streetcars In Production

Trailer Roof ‐ Mexico

VW Bug

School Bus Roof

Product Recommendations for Vehicles

Truck Mobile Home

Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Project

Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Project 2 Year Follow‐Up


School Roof ‐ 6 Year Follow‐Up

Portable Classroom Temp Chart

Portable Classroom

Liberty County Testimonial

City of Las Curces Community Center

Bearden School District Cafeteria Roof

Dr David Suzuki Public School Achieves Leed Platinum


SuperTherm® Versus White Paint Comparison

Metal Roof Insulation

Rusty Leaky Modular Metal Roof

Metal Roof Insulation System

36,000 Sq.Ft Of Rusty Leaky Metal Roof

Versa Cold Storage Facility ‐ Matsqui

Mapei Project ‐ Municipality Of Delta

Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre

Leaky EPDM Roof System

Japan Roof Infrared

Various Insulation Projects

Airport ‐ Munich

A/C Intake Shields ‐ Mesa Arizona

Ducts On Roof Scandic Hotel Antwerp

Tucson Airport 374,804 Sq.Ft Roof

Franklin Park Dental Offices Chicago

Wrigleyville District of Chicago

SuperTherm® Roof IR Readings Office Building In Lakewood CO

Roof in Argentina PDF

Exterior Commercial Building

Eagle Coatings Office Roof

Jackie’s Pub in Lockport IL

Vodafone Testing Adana Report 2008

Rohm Apollo Electronics ‐ Thailand

Container Construction

ISBU Association Report On Ceramic Coatings

Cold Climate Container Insulation

Container Report Houston

Texas Department Of Energy Container Report

Container Homes ‐ Video By Bob Vila

Container Workshop ‐ Australia

Container Home ‐ California

Container Home ‐ South Carolina

Container Living Quarters ‐ Australia

Container For Green Home Building And Sustainable Architecture

Temporary Homeless Relief Shelter

Container School Built In Liberia

Live-Work Cargo Containers On An Island

Tilt Up Concrete Construction

Tilt Up Concrete Insulation Advantages

Tilt Up Concrete Insulation Brochure

Alberni Valley Multiplex ‐ Municipality Of Port Alberni

Save-On-Foods Ice Arena ‐ Victoria, BC

Award Winning House ‐ Vancouver Island

Mapei Project ‐ Municipality of Delta

Drive Project ‐ City of Surrey

Big Box ‐ City of Langley

Interior Application

Cold Room Brandon Manitoba

Jackie’s Pub in Lockport IL

Interior Hot Box Test Results

German Engineer Evaluation

SuperTherm® Over Studs

Award Winning House ‐ Vancouver Island

Home And Garden Article PDF

Interior Installations of Apartment Building

B.C. Building Code on Tilt Up Concrete

Temporary Homeless Relief Shelter

Parkade Sunpeaks

Victoria Basment Reno

In Floor Radiant Heat ‐ March 2002

In Floor Radiant Heat ‐ November 2004

Dr David Suzuki Public School Achieves Leed Platinum


Vancouver Shipyards

Yacht Insulation

Oil Tanker

Kootenay Lake Ferry


Casino Ship

Multiple Marine Applications Slide Show

Military and Government

SuperTherm® Versus White Paint Comparison

Metal Hanger In Egypt

Joint Reserve Base Ft Worth Texas


Florida Energy Office Video

Florida Energy Ecap Report

Denver Energy Report Video

Denver Ecap Report

Steel Columns And Beams

Award Winning House ‐ Vancouver Island

Asphalt Shingle Roof

Apartment Buildings ‐ Munich

Residential Roof ‐ Hawaii

Residential Insulation ‐ Texas

Historical Home Little Rock

Parkade Sunpeaks

Asphalt Shingle Roof Obama/Chu Initiative

Home And Garden Ariticle PDF

Exterior Apartment Building

Chicago Attic

Victoria Basement Reno

In Floor Radiant Heat ‐ March 2002

In Floor Radiant Heat ‐ November 2004