HPC-HT Coating

Data Sheet
HPC-HT Coating

Multi ~ Ceramic Insulation Coating - Engineered to Block Heat up to 600°C / 1112°F

HPC-HT is a hybrid acrylic resin, water-based coating using specific ceramic compound loads for application directly over surfaces 200°C and up to 600°C. It was designed to block and hold the interior temperature on the surface and reduce loss to ambient.

HPC-HT offers a ‘green’, nonflammable, non-toxic formula for high-heat surface applications. HPC-HT is easily applied and can be applied direct to metal, concrete and other high-temperature surfaces.

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Typical Uses

  • As the high-temp insulation coat surfaces greater than 200°C, over hot pipes, tanks, and valves.
  • To hold heat on the surface of the pipe, valve, etc.
  • As a system to block conductive and convective heat transfer
  • Applied when a hot system cannot be shut down