Safecoat PVC

Data Sheet

Interior Intumescent - Class "A" Flame Spread Rating

Safecoat PVC is an acrylic, solvent based paint which can be used in interior applications to achieve a Flame Spread rating of 0 and a Smoke Developed Rating of 35 tested under CAN/ULC S102.2. This intumescent fire retardant coating is manufactured specifically for PVC pipe and fittings. It is especially effective where exposure to moisture and UV radiation is a concern or coating is subject to repeated cleaning. it limits flame spread by expanding to any times the original dry film thickness when exposed to heat. This expanded material forms a char which insulates the substrate against heat, and reduces available oxygen to the surface thus limited flame spread to a CLASS A on PVC, as tested under CAN/ULC S102.2 standard, in a single coat application sprayed at 100 sq. ft. per USG.

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Typical Uses

  • Imparts a Class A Flame Spread Rating of 0 and Smoke Developed Rating of 35 when applied to PVC
  • Can be used in Return Air Plenums, High Rises, Non-combustible buildings where traditionally only copper and/or cast iron pipe was used.
  • Can be applied as mandatory upgrade to assist owners and property managers to meet the latest fire and building code requirements.
  • Factory or job-site application