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Corrosion Encapsulation

RUSTGRIP-E ® is a two-part epoxy coating system that has been designed with specific additives to promote adhesion when applied to metal, and contains metal pigment to strengthen the coating and retard chalking. RUSTGRIP-E ® was developed to be applied to metal surfaces that cannot be dry enough to use traditional RUSTGRIP ®. It can be used directly on wet and damp surfaces while maintaining excellent adhesion to prevent further surface corrosion.

It is a water repelling epoxy for use under-water or in areas where constant splashing or condensation is a problem. It is resistant to chemicals and solvents,and is designed to be applied directly to concrete, masonry and metal.

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Limited Warranty

Unless Superior Products provides a written warranty of fitness for a particular use, Superior Product's sole warranty is that the product, as supplied, will meet then current sales specifications and is specific only to return of product found to be defective upon opening of container within one year. Customer's exclusive remedy and Superior's sole liability for breach of warranty is limited to refund of the purchase price or replacement of any product shown to be other than as warranted and Superior Products expressly disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damage.