Hanbul Filtration Dust Collector

Hanbul Energy Management Co.

September 22-27, 2006

APPLICTION AREA: Inside of filtration collectors at Incinerator plant No. 1&2 – SUS304, SS400
PURPOSE : Prevent corrosion inside filtration collectors at incineration plants
METHOD: Power wash with water first and then grind Apply RUST GRIP ® twice (Ave. 200~250microns) Apply LINING – KOTE ® twice (Ave. 200~250microns)

Upper area of filtration facility

Lower area of filtration facility

Before – upper area

Before – upper area magnified

Before – lower area

Before – lower area magnified

Power wash

After power wash

After power wash – insides

After grinding – insides

After grinding – upper side magnified

After grinding – lower side magnified

1st RUST GRIP application

2nd RUST GRIP application

2nd RUST GRIP application

1st Lining Kote application

2nd Lining Kote application